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Nails are accessoires, treat them good. Make them beautiful, not nude. Nude is boring! My nailartist is a lovely friend of mine, I call her the Picasso of Nails. Click HERE to […]

ZOMER 2018

Helaas! De zomervakantie is voorbij. Wat zijn die vijf weken toch zo super snel voorbij gegaan. Dit keer ben nergens op vakantie geweest, maar we hebben hier heerlijk weer gehad. Soms wel […]


Kingsday is a national holiday in the Netherland. We celebrate the birthday of the Dutch King Willem-Alexander.  There are festivals, special events and flea market all over the country. We dye our […]


Hello and welcome to my blog x. My name is Xaviera. Born and raised in The Hague, Netherlands, Europe. My parents are born in Paramaribo, Suriname, South America. I am 27 years old, unmarried […]