Have you read my blog Food & Drinks in NYC (2018)?
Well I was craving for some Red Lobster and Dominican fried cheese again and we don’t have that here in the Netherlands. So I booked a ticket and went on April 30th to the Big Apple for a week. Besides Red Lobster, Applebees and the latin-food I found some new delicious food and drinks.


The first and last evening I went to the Red Lobster on the Time Square. I had a Salmon, Lobster and Shrimps dish with mash potatoes and broccoli. Also a plate with delicious mussels. In 2018 I didn’t realize how tasteful the biscuits are, but now I did and I miss them so much.

Bridge Coffee Shop, Brooklyn

Yes, I went back! I went back to the place where I had my first Queso Frito. This time I entered the restaurant and I said that I came all the way from Amsterdam to Brooklyn to eat their Queso Frito, Dominican Salami and plantains. So she replied “Quitate la chaqueta y toma asiento”. And again the taste was so amazing, the soul food of Dominican Republic in Brooklyn. This is one of the reasons I feel home in NY.


Hotel Pennsylvania is the hotel I stayed in, a couple of blocks away from Time Square. Next to this hotel was the restaurant Hooters. A restaurant with beautiful young females wearing orange shorts and a white shirt with a V-neck.  Here in Holland we thought it is a stripclub-restaurant, but it totally isn’t! I saw families having dinner with their young kids. I did saw lots of men eating hotwings at the bar and smiling with their BBQ-sauce teeth to the ladies, haha.  I ordered a Hooter-salad with buffalo chicken and hotwings with a sauce called 9-1-1. And I seriously went back 3 times to Hooters, because it’s the best salad I’ve ever had.


After a long evening on the Top of the Rock I wanted to eat something Japanese. So we went for a California Role and a Ramen soup. This was my first Ramen soup ever and the best California Role I’ve ever taste.


Last year I went to Applebees for breakfast, this year I decided to go there for lunch. I had a Alfredo Chicken Pasta  Juicy grilled chicken, served warm on a bed of fettuccine pasta and rich Alfredo sauce. With a lovely watermelon Sangria on the side.


On the 7th ave between Time Square and my hotel there was a nice door with colorful lights which said “COCKTAILS”. So I went to the 18th floor above the city. A small lounge with a sexy urban vibe with a rotating carousel which gave a carnavalvibe. The terrace, which called Foreplay, is full of sexy pink animals in flirt poses, very funny to see. The big terrace has a view on the Empire State Buildings. We ordered two cocktails, $15 each.

Thank you for reading this post.


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