Cuba is an amazing place to go for vacation. The weather was 32 degrees, right after the rainseason.  I visit the resort Memories in the province Holguin for seven days. So I didn’t went to the capital city Havana. I didn’t planned to go there at all, because I wanted a rest-vacation with a tropical weather. The flight from Amsterdam to Holguin was 8,5 hours with the TUI Dreamliner. The flight back was longer, there was a transfer in the amazing Cancun in Mexico.

CUBA – After a flight of almost 9 hour I was in Cuba. Do you know that feeling when you get of a plane and enter a Caribbean or Tropical land? There’s that heat, that was the best feeling I had in months. It took me back to the times I went to my fatherland Suriname, so all those memories came back. After a 9-hour flight people were grumpy, but I was so happy, thanks to that feeling. I had a feeling that I was back, but I was never born in the Caribbean. At the airport I was picked up by transfer from the hotel. That was my first experience with Cuban local people. I thought they wouldn’t like me because I have a dark skin or because I’m a tourist. But they didn’t, they were all so nice. The people who worked in the Resort and also the local people who visit the resort for a weekend. The kids who lived there were waving at the sides of the road. They were so nice, I was everyone’s “mi amor” and after that I started to call everybody “Mi amor”.

FOOD – Cuban food is ok, but you can’t compare it with other countries. A typical meal that they serve is called Moros or Congri. I didn’t like the Cuban Bread, I tasted too much sugar in it. The fruits were great tho, papaya, bananas, coconut, figs and there was a lot of mangoes, they just had a mango – and an avocado season, because of all the rain. The people there beg for rain, they latterly dance to beg for rain so the trees will grow and there’s more fruit to eat and sell.

CLASSIC CARS – The cars are so amazing, those classic cars in every color and so shiny. After the airport when we were waiting for the touringbus to the hotel, we saw a parking lot full of classic cars. A man walked by and saw us looking with sparkly eyes and he said to us “It’s not a museum, they’re just parked cars from people who work here”.

HOLGUIN – The resort was in the north of the province Holguin, which has a city with the same name. This city was founded in 1545 by San Isidoro de Holguin. Lots of tourist visits this place, because it’s the location were Christopher Columbus landed, but also the birth city of Fidel and Raul Castro. That’s why Holguin has his own airport (citycode HOG). The Province Holguin is in the east of Cuba, 7 hours ride to Havana.

MEMORIES HOLGUIN BEACH RESORT – The resort is built on a hill and it ends with a white beach and turquoise sea, there is also a lot of green nature. We checked in as soon as we arrived and the resort welcomed us all with a blue-yellow Memories Cocktail. A caddy drove us and our luggage to our hotelroom, which looked like a bungalow with 8 rooms. The rooms were really big and very clean. I loved it how clean the room was, because I don’t like bugs. The air conditioner was turned on to 18 degrees, we’re from Holland, we can handle it. It was so low so the bugs won’t come in and they didn’t. They stayed outside. In the evening there were a lot of mosquito’s. I was so happy with my acrylic nails and Deet-spray or else I would have itched my whole body open.

There were four restaurants, 24-hour snackbar and one buffet. The buffet was every day include, the other four restaurant was also included but you have to make reservations and you can only choose three restaurant. An Italian restaurant, Sea Food, Cuban restaurant and a Romatic restaurant. The food wasn’t amazing, don’t expect local food at the buffet.

There are five pools with two designated just for kids. There is a pool which was my favorite, it was a poolbar! Swimming to the bar, sitting in the water, with the sun in your back and a cocktail in your hand. That was the goodlife. The pools were clean, they clean it every morning during breakfast.  So many pools, but I was more at the beach. At the beach there was a bar, a foodcorner, nice people and good music.

On the beach, sun shining through the palm trees, wind in my hair, watching the turquoise sea, drinking an ice cold Strawberry Margarita and listening to Juan Luis Guerra

We walked in the evening around 10 PM to the beach, we saw a lot of crabs. The sea was wild and dark. I didn’t like it, because I see the sea as a different world and there was something spiritual about that place (beach and sea) in the dark. Although It was my favorite place during daytime.

The Caribbean was the most beautiful experience I’ve ever had. If I can go back to Cuba, I definitely would go, but to the big city Havana and Varadero or a roadtrip Cuba. The land and people of Cuba makes me thinking of home. Also I speak the language very well, so yes I would go back as soon as I can.

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