Saoto Soup

There is a Surinamese-dish called Saoto Soup, which has been overflowed from Indonesia, “Soto Ayam soup”. It’s a appetizer before the main dish. The Saoto Soup is now part of the national cuisine of the country Suriname. The soup is composed of chicken broth, boiled egg, pounded chicken, rice vermicelli, fries chips, baked onions & bean sprouts.

The soup is mainly available in many Warungs, which is a small family-owned business, a small restaurant in Indonesia. In The Hague, where I live, there are more Surinamese Warungs in Holland with Surinamese cuisine then a original Indonesian Warungs. That’s great for me, because my parents are from Suriname and I looove the Surinamese cuisine.

The drink I like to have with my Saoto Soup is the tropical surprise called Dawet. This is a Surinamese delicacy which is also overflowed from Java, Indonesia. The Surinamese variant is composed of cocounot milk, pink pigment & maizena (cornstarch). The Indonesian variant called Cendol, that’s with a green pigment, green rice flour jelly and sometimes with diced jackfruit.

Warung mini (The Hague & Rotterdam), Djojo The Hague, Kam Yin Amsterdam, a small catering at the Milan Festival & Kwaku Festival. These are the famous places in Holland where I order the Saoto Soup. If you have a suggestion for other places, please contact me.

I’m gonna start a contest in the month of May 2018 to see who makes the best saoto soup.
Contact me if you want to sign up for this contest.



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