I start my Italy Roadtrip with Bologna. From this place I will have a daytrip to Venice and Florence by train and after this city I’m moving to Roma and then Milan.  When I arrived in Bologna it was 28 degrees, which was amazing because it was so cold in Holland. At the airport I touched my first Lamborghini, hihi. The streets and buildings in Bologna was very old, that was amazing to see.  It’s a very old Italian city. There are beautiful basilicas. The food is very amazing. I wanted to eat a pasta and a pizza, because it was my first day… So when I told the waitress that, she gave me a place half pizza, half pasta. It was amazing!  After diner we went for drinks, but there was not so much places to go.

Bologna is a great lovely city and I will go back someday.


Venice is known by the canals instead of streets. The canals are beautiful and very clean. The touristic trip on the boat in the middle of Venice was nice. The streets are the same.

The city is lovely, but only for one day. People say it’s a romantic city, but I didn’t saw the romance in this city, nor Italian culture. Everything is so expensive and I saw a lot of toerist. The boats are funny, but so touristic. A local citizen wont go on a boat like that.

If you want to go to a romantic Italian city, better go to Rome. I didn’t fall in love with this city.






On the third day of my citytrip in Italy I went to Florence by train. I walked to the see some basilica and after that we went to the famous square, Piazzale Michaelangelo. It was a lot the walk, but the view was amazing. A beautiful statue of Michaelangelo was on top of de Piazzale, so amazing to see. The view up there is magical. The bridges were magical too, I went on a bridge were they sell gold, jewelry and Rolexes.

I went to a restaurant were I ordered some salmon spaghetti and I’ve eaten the best chickenpate ever over there. Great experience. Someday I hope I will go back to see this amazing city again.


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