Transfer in New York City.

I walked a lot over there, but I also took the Uber, taxi and the subway.
Walking between the big buildings was amazing. There was a lot of wind between the big buildings. But to walk more than 10 blocks everytime was too much.
So we ordered a Uber. The Uber is different over there. There I can carpool, taking a Uber with someone else and split the bill. So instead of $12, I paid $6. The Uber was very cheap, cheaper than in the Netherlands. The Subway was amazing, a lot of street-artists, different cultures. I wasn’t scared or shocked because I go to Paris a lot and the Subway is exact the same.  Oh! I also took the Yellow Cab, ofcourse I had to drive with a Yellow Cab once. I can’t go to NYC and not go with a Yellow Cab. Al though the Uber was more cheaper than the Yellow Cab, but it was amazing to go on the streat, pull up my hand and say TAXI! and within 10 seconds they pull up aside of you.


Big lights will inspire you.

My hotel (10th) was 3 blocks away from the Time Square (7th).  I walked through the 8th ave and the 42nd street, there starts the big lights, banners and logo’s. A McDonalds with a logo that sparkles like the Eiffel Tower in midnight. On the 42nd street and 7th ave on the corner there’s a store of Steve Madden. And then I walked up to the red stairs. A lot of stores, now I understand the sarcasm line of Rachel in Friends “There are not enough stores in Manhattan”. My best friend visits the Time Square a week before me and told me that it looks like daylight in the evening. Because of the big lighted billboards of course, it was the first thing that came in mind. When I walked further I hear a couple of guys shouting and entertaining. That was a street entertainment, that was so cool and they were so funny. I wanted to sit on the Red Stairs, but I had to buy me some coke from the McDonalds before I sit on the Red Stairs. Because I wanted to have that American feeling. Drinking some McDonalds, sitting on the Red Stairs and watch people walking on the Time Square into the amazing stores like the big Disney Store. Before the red stairs there’s a Dutch historical moment about new Amsterdam. I am born in the Netherlands so I thought it was a magical moment.


Manhattan Bridge


Brooklyn Bridge

I walked over the Brooklyn Bridge, which was a amazing experience. When I sat on a bench and stare in front of me. I saw something amazing, on the sly between the buildings I saw the Empire State Building as you can see on the photo. How wonderful is that?! It’s a very big bridge with a lot of people and cars. But it’s beautiful to walk over water and see the amazing skyline.]



I stayed in the Yotel, which is on the 42nd street & 10th avenue. The streetnames was so easy. It was so easy to find and easy to calculate how far something was. We were on the 10th ave and the Time Square is on the 7th ave, so that was super amazing. I had the roomnummber 1722, which is the 22nd room on the 17th floor. Once I opened the room I ran to the window to see the beautiful view.

The first day we eat at the hotel Yotel. That day there was a special Israelen chef, the floormanager. The first day we eat at the hotel Yotel. That day there was a special Israelen chef, the floormanagercame especially to everyone’s table to tell them about the chef. It was all kosher of course. We had the huge pork-rib with hash browns and sliced carrots. The carrots were the most amazing of the dish. They had a garlicsaus that we are use to eat with Lahmacun or Kapsalon. But a sweeter version



Local People NYC

After we had diner at the hotel we went to the 230 fifth Rooftop Bar for some cocktails.
It’s a rooftopbar with a great cityview and the Empire State Building right in front of you. This will be in my next blog.
There are so many local people over there and that night we met so many amazing local people. They are so nice and gentle. So different from the local dutch people. I didn’t saw a single person who hates or dislikes tourists or foreign people. It was so nice to see that. In the Netherlands we greet people with Hi, Hallo or Goodmorning/-afternoon/-evening, just one word. In New York they greet people with Hi How are you? At first I didn’t know if I had to respond to the question or just get to the point. But when I answer the question we had a great conversation. That’s what I had with everybody, the waiter, a random guy on the street, hotel-employees.

A little girl in The Bronx

The last day was a Dominican Day in New York for me. I had Dominican Lunch in Brooklyn and later that day we went clubbing in a Dominican place in The Bronx. The media always say bad things about The Bronx. That the Bronx is to dangerous, so I was a little bit scared to go there. Well, it was the best night in New York, I had a great time in The Bronx and it felt like home. Around midnight we got picked up to go to a place where there is Bachata music. First we stopped at a Deli for a little sandwich. Well I finally got my Pastrami-sandwich! Everytime when I watched Friends I saw Joey eating a Pastrami-sandwich, I had to have it once I was in New York City. And there it was, an amazing sandwich! After the sandwich we walk two doors further to Khalle Bar & Grill. We ordered a bottle of Hennesy and a mint hookah. We danced, we laughed, we had such a great time. Bachata, Reggaeton, Salsa! It was the best day of my vacation.


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