Breakfast at Applebee’s

The morning after we arrived I was on my way to Time Square and found a typical American restaurant Applebee’s, I ordered scrambled eggs with toast. WOW! That was so amazing. Breakfast hash browns, the best strawberry-jam I’ve ever taste. The next day and the last day we also had breakfast at Applebee’s,  we ordered tomato soup, omelette with sausage, mushrooms, fruit, pancakes and BACON! And the service was outstanding.



Foodstands in New York City

Once I got out the big M&M-store on the Time Square I walked to the Hershey’s Chocolate World, but before I stepped in to the store I smelled something great. It was chicken, on a BBQ or something. I looked at my friend, my friend looked at me and we say no words. We only shaked our heads and followed the smell. It was a street-foodstand. Ofcourse it was a foodstand. I can’t go to New York and not eat from a foodstand. We ordered a big Shish Kebab with barbeque sauce from the street. NICE!


Dominican food in Brooklyn

I went to Brooklyn for a day. I wanted to meet the Dominican people and eat their food. After i walked the bridge I went to Washington street to see the great Manhatten Bridge. After that I went looking for some Spanish-talking people. A man from Puerto Rico showed us a tiny restaurant it’s called Bridge Coffee Shop and all we saw was delicious Latin Soul-food, WOW! I eat Dominican Salami, plantain bananas and my favorite Queso Blanco Frito. Oh my God, we don’t have this in the Europe. It was my first time eating that and I thought “Wow! I can’t eat it whenever I want”, I have to go to Dominican Republic or the United States to eat this.


Red Lobster, Time Square (NY)

That second morning we decided to go to Red Lobster for diner. Red Lobster was on the righthand of the 42th street and 7th ave on the Time Square. The service was bad at first
but after our table got upgraded to the third floor it went better. The service was not great, like the Applebee’s, but it was better than we had on the first floor. We ordered mussels to start with, the sauce was so overwhelming, the taste of that sauce was so delightful. I could taste that the mussels were cooked with love. Really.. Thank you, Chef! And for the main course we ordered The Lobster Dream, which is a beautiful lobster tail, a lobster tail with spices and spaghetti with lobster. And a mixed plate which was a grilled salmon, a seasoned lobster tail and shrimps. We had cocktails with mango flavors, that  was some amazing cocktails.


230 Fifth Rooftop Garden Bar

After diner we went to the famous 230 fifth Rooftop Garden Bar and Restaurant. I told the bartender that we want a cocktail, but you can surprise us because it’s our first night here. I told him that, because I want to know which cocktail is the typical New York-cocktail. He made us a Whiskey Sour. We had a great place with a great view of the big blue-lighted Empire State Building. We met a lot of people over there, someone ordered me a cocktail named Old Fashioned. Which was also with whiskey… Oh BTW I love Whiskey, so those two cocktails were amazing! The last one was little bit sweeter than the first one, because there was more fruit in it.



TAO Downtown

The second night our new friends picked us up to guide us in their city. We drove a long way and then we got so thirsty. One guy said “Let’s go to the club in the Empire State Building” one other guy said “No, let’s go to TAO”.  I taught Huh?! How is Towell a better place than the ESB? So we drove to TAO Downtown. It’s a Asian restaurant with a nightclub. We went to the bar and it was such a huge bar, the same as a normal restaurant. I was so shocked,I had to see the restaurant and yess… the restaurant was so much more bigger! Even the restaurant has his own wardrobe. After one drink at the bar we went to the nightclub. We had a VIP table in front of the DJ with Jack Daniels and a sweet lady who was pouring our drinks all the time. It was an amazing night! Dura. Dura. Dura. Dura!


Cheesefries @JFK

At the airport JFK Terminal 4 we ordered a big cheeseburger, called SmokeBurger from the Blue Smoke. They got fries we dutch people don’t know, but certainly will love.  CHEESE FRIES!  Wow, I never had Cheese Fries… I love Cheese, I love Fries, now they have Cheese Fries, OMG! Look how the cheese goes on my fries.


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